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Prizes include blood pressure monitors, deluxe first aid kits, executive physicals, full panel cholesterol screenings and heart scans.

Areas of Interest

Allergy care
Alzheimer’s disease care
Arthritis care
Autoimmune disease care
Audiology services
Asthma care
Back care
Cancer care
Children's care
Chiropractic care
Cholesterol care
Classes, events, seminars, free health screenings
Complementary medicine
Depression care
Dermatology care
Diabetes services
Dialysis services
Ear, nose and throat care
Employee assistance programs
Esthetician services
Eye centers
Family medicine care
Fitness centers
Foot care
Geriatric care
Hand centers
Heartburn/acid reflux care
Heart and vascular disease care
High blood pressure care
Home health services
Hospice services
Imaging centers
Immediate and urgent care
Inpatient rehabilitation care
Insomnia care
Insurance services
Internal medicine care
LASIK surgery services
Lung care services
Massage therapy services
Medical equipment and supplies
Memory care
Men's health services
Mental health services
Neurosurgery and neuroscience care
Nursing home care
Occupational health and medicine services
Orthopaedic care
Osteoporosis care
Outpatient rehabilitation services
Physical and occupational therapy services
Pain care
Pediatric care
Pharmacy centers
Plastic and cosmetic surgery services
Prostate care
Respite care
Sexual health services
Sleep disorder care
Speech therapy
Sports medicine services
Urinary incontinence care
Vision centers
Volunteer services
Weight loss services
Women's health services


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